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Founded by INSEAD alumni eight years ago, GMAT Zone is now Singapore’s largest and most acclaimed GMAT preparation and application consulting service. It is the flagship course of its parent…

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Business Admissions Test

Developed by Prep Zone as an admissions assessment test for business education programs

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A unique test preparation platform from Prep Zone available currently exclusively on SAMSUNG devices, created by Prep Zone.

SAT Prep in Singapore

The SATs Zone is Singapore's premier SAT prep course, because
  • all our full-time trainers are professionally recruited graduates of top US and Singapore universities and top scorers in the SAT
  • we train all our trainers as full time professionals using a methodology we have developed since 2006
  • tuition is unlimited for our group students
  • our one-to-one and hybrid courses give you personalised attention in a professional environment from expert teachers
  • we are open 7 days a week in the city centre


The GMAT Zone is Singapore's premier GMAT prep course, because we have 5 -10 full time GMAT Trainers with scores ranging from 740 - 790
  • Unlimited tuition / masterclasses for ALL our group students
  • We are open 7 days a week in the city centre
  • And we offer a full refund policy for sessions unused

Zone News

INSEAD and Prep Zone launch new EMBA Admissions Test
From the Wall Street Journal Dec 9th 2011

Beginning in late February, INSEAD will offer an alternate exam, created in-house with help from Prep Zone, a test prep company founded by two INSEAD alums. One element of the test, which must be taken at one of the school's three campus locations in Fontainebleau, France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, requires applicants to read a case study and present their findings to a panel of INSEAD representatives – in person – after about 30 minutes of preparation.

The test also includes basic math and data analysis. Senior business leaders considering INSEAD's executive M.B.A. program will no longer be required to submit scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test. For the full article text, click here.